I <3 Disney Is Now On Instagram


Hi everyone,

After a bit of time away from the blog, I had a chance to rethink how I wanted to handle the daily photo posts that I was doing for awhile. In the end, I really felt that Instagram was a better place to put the Picture Of The Day, and it should be easier for you all to enjoy. So, from now on, I’ll be posting photos there. Find iheartdisneyblog and follow us for eye candy from our favorite place — Disneyland!

POTD: Donald Shaking His Tail Feather!

On his way to the Gazebo on Paradise Pier for photos

POTD: Welcomed By The Band

A very sharp looking band plays Disney-esque music for guests just entering the park

POTD: Maleficent Looks Out Her Window

Excited about the new movie? I am!

POTD: The View From Tarzan’s Treehouse

A panoramic shot from the “rickety” bridge. Can you spot the masts from the Columbia?

POTD: Sleeping Beauty

Sometimes I just need a nap too. #jealous

POTD: After World Of Color

Photo taken near California Screamin

POTD: Auf Wiedersehen!

Heimlich from A Bug’s Life in the Pixar Parade