New Elixer Drinks At Disneyland


During a summer trip to the parks, I spotted an unusual cart that I’ve never seen before, setup next to the Rivers of America. Come check out the unique drinks that were being served by the LB Enterprises drink cart.

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The Amazing Fried Chicken At The Plaza Inn

The line forms early before lunch

Sorry for the lack of updates recently. I’ve been feeling under the weather the past couple days and was trying to recover. Now, as I sit on the train on the way to work, my grumbling stomach told me to write about the knock-your-socks-off-good fried chicken that you can get inside Disneyland at the Plaza Inn on Main Street. Take a look!

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POTD: Edible Easter Treats

Seasonal treats lookin’ good at Pooh’s Corner

SHOOTOUT: The Twisted Pastries Of Fantasy Faire


Located in the relatively new Fantasy Faire area in Disneyland Resort, is a lone food cart with very unique snacks for sale. It’s called Maurice’s Treats, named after a famous princess’ inventor father — Belle from Beauty and the Beast! And a special pastry is sold here that you can’t get anywhere else in either Disneyland or California Adventure.

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POTD: Put Some Mac n Cheese On It

The mac n cheese bacon hot dog at Coca Cola Corner on Main Street. I might review this later. 🙂

Must Try Appetizer: Cheesy, Bacon-y Biscuits at Carthay


What secrets does this biscuit ball hide? Hint: deliciousness! Click through to reveal what’s inside.

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Top 3 Foods To Try At Carnation Cafe


Carnation cafe is one of my top 3 restaurants to eat at regularly. It’s reasonably priced, has some great seating indoors and outdoors near main street (which is awesome when it’s parade time), and features unique food you can’t get anywhere else in the park.

Here are my top 3 favorite items:

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