TIP: Disney Dollars Are A Fun Gift

Ballin’ Disney style

Looking for a unique gift, but not sure what to get? Skip the gift card in favor of Disney Dollars!

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TIP: Hook Your Bag On Indiana Jones Adventure


Indiana Jones Adventure should be on everyone’s planned ride list during a visit to the parks! Although it’s almost two decades old (opened on March 1995), the experience of driving like a maniac through a dark, “dangerous” ancient temple is unparalleled. The motion-controlled ride vehicle can sometimes toss you and your stuff around. So here’s a tip to keep your belongings secure. Read More

3 Reasons Not To Record Shows At Disneyland

What not to do while watching a show

People love to take photos and record video, especially while visiting the happiest place on Earth. So do I (and I take tons)! But has your view ever been blocked by someone in front holding up their camera the entire time?

Here are my 3 reasons to just put the camera (or iPad, especially) down and enjoy the show.

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