New Mickey And Friends Wooden Keychains


These first caught my eye at the World of Disney store in Downtown Disney where the keychains reside (closer to the Starbucks side). After my last keychain broke, I’ve been looking for a replacement, and these were a no-brainer. I think these may tug on your heart too.


Made of lightweight wood and string, the characters here resemble puppets, kind of like Pinocchio. There’s Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, and Donald (I’m struggling to remember if Pluto was with the gang 😓) from the fab five, along with Chip, Dale, and Pooh!


Donald looks more like a baby chicken than a duck, but still cute

Chip n Dale were my favorite ones. Check out the detail on them in the pic below, including their signature teeth (or tooth) and red or brown noses. They even have fluffy tails!




The hardest part was choosing which one to buy, or how many of them to get. I must’ve stood there debating to myself in front of the keychain rack for at least 15 minutes lol.

In the end, despite the Red-level price tag on each of them, I bought four. Which one would you get?

One comment

  1. leahschwarting · June 22, 2014

    These key chains are absolutely adorable.


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