Preparing For 24 Hours Of Disney: Staying Warm


The 24-Hour Rock Your Disney Side special event is coming up at Disneyland this Friday (!!) and I’ve been busy prepping and packing for the trip. After rounding up all my clothing, electronics, hydration gear, and everything else, I thought I’d highlight and share some key items that aren’t really brought into detail on other blogs or “what to pack” articles. Here’s where tech meets Disney!

Cold Nights Need Warm Layers

California weather can be strange sometimes. Although rain isn’t as much of an issue as it would be at Walt Disney World in Florida, temperature fluctuations still happen. Night time temperatures in Anaheim, CA can drop 20 degrees or more from daytime temps. So, bringing a jacket or sweater is important if you want to stay comfortable, especially on a full day trip. Much more so during the 24 hour event.

So, here are the goals I had in mind when selecting what gear to bring to keep me warm:
– Packs small/Lightweight
– Flexible for temperature changes
– Windproof & Water resistant
– Pleasing to my eye (red is my fave color) 😉

Based on that, this is the gear I chose:
– UNIQLO heat tech crew neck long sleeve
– Disney Mickey thermal long sleeve
– The North Face Verto Jacket



The advantage of a 3 piece setup is flexibility. Since there are layers, you can add and remove any of them at any time to fit whatever situation. I took this suggestion from hiking and outdoor tips where layering is highly recommended. It is kind of like hiking when you visit Disneyland lol (12-14 miles of walking each day trip for me).



The UNIQLO heat tech is my base layer which helps hold in body heat. The Mickey thermal is half for looks (gotta wear something Disney when you visit!) and half to add more warmth. And the North Face Verto Jacket was chosen for it’s wind blocking abilities and light resistance to water, while only weighing 3.5 ounces. But wait until you see how small the jacket packs…






I love this jacket!

Initially, I tested the warmth on this setup with only the heat tech and jacket and found it wasn’t warm enough on a 50-something degree night, so I added the thermal in. I’m satisfied this setup will keep me cozy at the insane late hours at night/early hours in the morning I will be awake and out at Disneyland.

Make sure to test out your setup too so you don’t end up shivering all night. What’s your preferred gear?

Stay warm on your next trip too!

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  1. Sarah Nguyen · May 21, 2014

    Very detailed and helpful hints!

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