Top 5 Must-Know FASTPASS Tips for Disneyland & Disney’s California Adventure

Want a FASTPASS for Space Mountain?

At the beginning of the journey to my current state of Disneyland knowledge, it took me a little while to fully understand the convenience of the FASTPASS system. With the help of my hardcore Disney friends and a lot of reading online, I’d like to share some of what I’ve found with you.

20140423-132842.jpgFor the sake of this post, let’s assume you already know the basics of FASTPASS. I hope these tips help you to become a FASTPASS Pro. 🙂

1) Radiator Springs Racers and World of Color FASTPASSes are separate from the main system.
Typically, you can only get a FASTPASS once every 2 hours or so. However, these 2 attractions are exempt from this restriction. You can grab a pass for both of these, and also grab another one or two FASTPASSes. Another 2, how, you ask? More on that later in this post. 😉

2) You can trade your World of Color FASTPASS for a later show.
If you got a pass for the 8:30pm show, but feel that the 9:30pm show would be more convenient for you, ask the cast member at the World of Color FASTPASS station if you can trade. They’ll have some in their pocket to swap yours with.

3) The FASTPASS systems between the 2 parks are separate from each other.
This means that you can go grab one for say, Space Mountain in Disneyland, and run over to California Adventure and grab one for Tower of Terror as fast as you can walk over there. No need to wait for the “next FASTPASS time.” The time to get a new FASTPASS printed on each ticket is only enforced within the same park that the ride resides.

4) Extend your FASTPASS return time if you are dining.
There have been times that I have made dining reservations at my favorite Disneyland restaurant, and have gotten a FASTPASS that conflicted with that time. Well, there’s no need to rush eating, change your reservation, or skip the ride! Just let your server know you have a FASTPASS during your meal time, and they can attach a note with a copy of the dining receipt to it for you, which will allow you to still use the pass outside of the printed return time. Have your cake and FASTPASS too!

5) Hand all of your tickets and annual passes to one person to grab all the FASTPASSes for you.
You can save time, and get more rides in, by asking one person in your party to be “the runner” when there’s a ride to get passes for. While the majority of your party waits in another line (preferably for a ride that does not have FASTPASS available), have one person take all the tickets get passes for your group. Absolutely a time-saver!

Use all these tips simultaneously to become a FASTPASS Guru. I like to start off the morning of a trip to Disneyland with 4 FASTPASSes, one right after another. Here’s how:

  • FASTPASS #1 – Get in line for Radiator Springs Racers FASTPASS.
  • FASTPASS #2 – Run over to grab a World of Color pass near Grizzly River Run.
  • (optional) Sneak in a ride on Midway Mania if the line is short.
  • FASTPASS #3 – Get a FASTPASS for any other ride in California Adventure.
  • FASTPASS #4 – Walk over to the Disneyland side and grab a pass for one of the more popular rides there. Favorites are Indiana Jones, Space Mountain, or Splash Mountain. But you can get whichever one you like!

That’s it! Give some of these tips a try on your next trip and squeeze in more rides.

For more details on the basics of Disneyland FASTPASS, check out the official webpage or this nice write up on Tripadvisor.



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