TIP: Hook Your Bag On Indiana Jones Adventure


Indiana Jones Adventure should be on everyone’s planned ride list during a visit to the parks! Although it’s almost two decades old (opened on March 1995), the experience of driving like a maniac through a dark, “dangerous” ancient temple is unparalleled. The motion-controlled ride vehicle can sometimes toss you and your stuff around. So here’s a tip to keep your belongings secure.

I’m totally happier than I look lol

Once you’re seated in the ride car, the first thing you may notice is a mesh pouch in front of you. This is for small loose items, like a hat or sunglasses. Many bags, like a backpack or purse, most likely won’t fit here.

So, look up a bit!

I’ve always wondered what that hook was for

There will be a metal hook curved upwards. What’s that for? Hanging your bag, of course!

In the photo above, I hung my Camelbak backpack from it’s top loop. If you have a handbag or purse, just throw the straps onto the hook. Voila! No more worrying about your bag falling off somehow AND this keeps it off the floor.

Try it on your next visit!

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